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Wood is often used to make furniture for indoor and outdoor use. It is also used extensively on yachts, on furniture and in the construction of yachts and boats. Considering the various uses and elements that this wood is exposed to, it is logical to think that it will be scratched, stained and damaged. Instead of getting rid of or replacing it, you can try fixing it.

This requires a lot of energy, some chemical compounds and products, and a place where you are well ventilated and relatively easy and easy to clean. The effort you put into the finish of your teak will be worth it.

Now I will summarize the instructions you should follow. The first thing that will be removed will be the materials used, the chemical products and the compounds.

Soft rags; Protective gloves, a plastic scraper, chemical remover, paper towels, steel wool, paint thinner, sandpaper or knitted fabric, a sander with a lively finish, a little teak oil, and some paint

First, clean the teak with a soft cloth to remove wax or enamel from the wood surface. Then use a chemical remover especially for teak. This should remove the previous finish so you can start over. Chemical removers are gels that need to stay on the surface of the teak for about half an hour for chemicals to work with the previous finish and help lift it off the wood. You should do this in a well-ventilated area. Wear gloves and other protective clothing.

Now you have to remove the chemical remover. Please pay attention to the packing instructions exactly. Now you can scrape the gel with a plastic scraper or spatula. Make sure you catch the entire length of the chemical remover with some paper towels. And in the end, wash the surface of teak with its paint thinner. Use steel wool or a sticky cloth to make the paint thinner. Be sure to rub the teak surface completely.

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wood refinishing in Baton Rouge

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